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Finally a true field guide!

Be honest, do you identify mushrooms by looking or reading? It really helps to do both, but the detailed descriptions that take up two-thirds of the space in most mushroom field guides are rarely read. An illustrated key makes identification much easier and faster; and allows for more species to be covered in a smaller sized book. This soon to be published mushroom field guide:

  • Contains over 900 illustrated species

  • Over 1000 color photographs

  • Covers coastal Alaska to central California, inland to Idaho, with an emphasis on the mushrooms of Cascadia

  • Weighs about 1 pound and at less than 6" x 9" easily slips into any backpack!

For each species the combination of pictures, keys and comments will provide you with all of the critical features needed for identification, plus the range, fruiting time, habitat and edibility.

Book Reviews

Dr. Michael Beug’s Mushrooms of Cascadia is a triumphant achievement in the annals of mycology. His illustrated key helps readers logically navigate through the often bewildering array of mushrooms, choosing features that most relevantly separate one cluster of species from another. Having known Michael all my adult life and watching his passion – his compassion – to the field of mycology, this book fills an important gap by focusing on the mushrooms in the Cascadian ecosystems. Too many books just show a few species over too broad a geographical range, leaving out many species, and are confusing. Mushrooms of Cascadia is a rare accomplishment. Dr. Beug expertly guides you on an academic field trip to safely identify mushrooms. I applaud and highly recommend Mushrooms of Cascadia as the best field guide to the mysterious and magical mushrooms in the Cascadia bioregion. Well done Professor!

~ Paul Stamets, Author and Founder of Fungi Perfecti LLC

Mushrooms of Cascadia is a unique and exciting new field guide for the PNW. The combination of identification keys illustrated with photographs for each choice will help beginners and experts alike to rapidly narrow the possibilities and zero in on an identification. Dr. Beug has brought field identification of mushrooms into the reach of many mycophiles, especially those who like to identify mushrooms in the field without picking them. Covering more than 900 species specific to the Cascadia bioregion and illustrated with over 1,000 excellent photos, this is THE book for the PNW. As an added bonus, it’s actually small enough to carry in the field. Dr. Beug needed to write this book to share a lifetime of awesome mushroom photos. I’m really excited that this project has come to fruition. I look forward to sharing this with my students.

~ Paul Przybylowicz, Author and faculty member at The Evergreen State College