Videos and Interviews

Michael often does presentations for Mycological Societies and interviews for educational outlets about fungi. Below are a few of his most recent ones. If you would like to interview Michael or have him speak to your organization, you may contact him at

The unusual mushrooms of Cascadia- Sense of Place

This presentation given to"Sense of Place" sponsored by the Mt. Adams Institute showcases some of the mushroom species in Michael's book titled “Mushrooms of Cascadia: An Illustrated Key”. Michael has collected and photographed mushrooms of the Cascadia region for over 50 years. The presentation includes discussions on Cortinarius, Boletes, Amanita, Morchella, Cantharellus, Lactarius, Hericium, and polypore mushrooms; including several recently discovered/unnamed species.

Mushrooms of Cascadia - Salish Sea Mushrooms

Jeremy Colison of of Salish Sea Mushrooms interviews Michael about a wide range of mycological topics in addition to a demonstration of how to use the keys in Michael's book Mushrooms of Cascadia.

Mushrooms of Cascadia, Mentoring Stamets & Psilocybe mushrooms: Mushroom Hour Podcast

This is a must listen! - Darren of the Mushroom Hour podcast talks to Michael about his mycology career at Evergreen State College, his involvement in getting DDT banned, being Paul Stamets professor and longtime friend, psilocybin history, the rise of citizen scientists in mycology, the criticality of conserving nature to avert disaster, the explosion of mushroom appreciation.

Should I have eaten that mushroom? - Minnesota Mycological Society

In this very information presentation given to the Minnesota Mycological Society, Michael discusses how to differentiate numerous edible, poisonous, and hallucinogenic mushrooms whose identification can be confused.

Mushroom Hunting with Dr. Michael Beug - Hear in the Gorge podcast

What happens when renowned mycologist, Michael Beug, agrees to take a total fungi rookie into the woods for some mushroom hunting? Join "Hear in the Gorge" host, Sarah Fox, as she explores the wild world of mushrooms and discovers why we should all be paying attention to the fantastic fungi.

Michael's Book: Mushrooms of Cascadia: An Illustrated Key available at

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