Where to Purchase

Most Indie Bookstores in the Pacific Northwest (both US and Canada) are already planning to have the book in stock. If your store isn’t carrying the book, let them know of your interest. Also, virtually any Indie Bookstore in North America and in Europe will order books for you. If you do not already have a favorite Indie Bookstore, you can do a search for a US or Canadian store on New Pages. 

US Customers can order an autographed book with a personalized inscription here. Please allow extra time for Michael to personally go into the Waucoma Bookstore and autograph your book.

Books can also be ordered from the Fungi Perfecti Catalog or website (USA only) and nearly all other traditional book sources.

Order Online

US purchasers can support authors and indie bookstores by clicking below to order Mushrooms of Cascadia from bookshop.org. 

For international online orders: You can support indie bookstores in Great Britain by using uk.bookshop.org, the only other place where bookshop.org operates. 

Michael's book is also available in 20 countries via Amazon.  Go to the Amazon select a country page to see and select a country where Amazon operates.